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Huddle For Her

Female Fat Loss and Strength Personal Training

At the Huddle in Cheltenham we have a world class team of trainers who specialise in working with women on achieving their goals. In particular Fat loss and Strength training protocols to encourage long term results.

There is a huge amount of inaccurate information out there, particularly around fat loss – with hundreds of female ‘celebrities’ promoting every diet under the sun and various suspect diet pills. At the Huddle we will help you ‘cut through the crap’ and focus on the basics, not just training you, but educating you to achieve your long-term goals.

What we also know is that strength training alongside a balanced diet helps us achieve the strong, lean body we all long for, by promoting long-term fat loss.


Please read the below article by our trainer Sophie about the benefits of strength training for women.


Are you ready to make a change in 2021?

TIER 4: 1-1 Outdoor PT Offer


With the introduction of Tier 4 we will have to close the gym, however, we are able to offer 1-1 outdoor personal training using social distancing.


  • £290 FOR 10 SESSIONS OR

We are also offering online Zoom sessions and a closed Facebook support group for January.

Dedicated one-to-one training

Ideal for clients with specific goals or requirements and who would like further support with incorporating health and fitness into their everyday life. Our coaches are the best in the business and have a huge wealth of knowledge that you are able to tap into as a personal training client.

Free consultation and

  • Goal setting exercise
  • Body composition
  • Movement screen
  • A taster session based on your goals
  • Female Personal Trainer available